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Cool Game for Action Fans

Battlefield 5 is the fifth installment in the very popular Battlefield series of games. This time around the action takes place during World War II, which promises to make the battle scenes feel more realistic and engaging than ever before.

Get Ready to Go to Battle

This time around, the game goes back to its roots and promises to allows players to experience World War II like never before. The action starts with the Fall of Europe and in addition to searching for the enemy and taking them out as quickly as possible, players are also given a number of other tasks to complete such as creating shelters and searching for food, although some of these tasks are more interesting than others and there is no way to fast forward through the duller parts of the game.

Becoming the Perfect Soldier

Anyone who is a fan of the Battlefield franchise and is looking for a fresh challenge should make sure that they check out Battlefield 5. creating and customising your own soldier can be a lot of fun, while there is plenty of game play variation to keep players on their toes and make sure that they keep coming back for more.


  • Impressive and immersive graphics
  • Plenty of game play variation


  • Can be rather gory at times
  • Some missions are more engaging than others


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Battlefield V


Battlefield V 1.0 for PC


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